Learn A New Hobby With Easy Cartoons To Draw

By Trevor Johnson

What do you do when you have some time, what something to do and need to relieve a case of boredom? Think about doing a picture with some easy cartoons to draw.

Cartoons can be very simple to draw so they are a great way to begin. You can cartoon any object you want. A tree or a house have basic, easy shapes such as rectangles, triangles and circles. Start easy and build from there.

There really is no ending to what you can do with your cartoons. Use your imagination and make them as easy or as detailed as you want. You may decide to leave your cartoon in pencil or you might decide to color it. You make want to just draw one picture or a series of pictures for a strip or book. Maybe you want to draw Santa at Christmas. It's all up to you and your imagination.

Some hobbies can be very expensive, but drawing is cheap! You can begin with just paper, a pencil and pencil sharpener and an eraser. You can always buy more accessories later such as crayons, colored pens or even paints. You don't need to buy a lot of things to being. You can decide when you want to add to your supplies.

You can draw anywhere, any place. Draw a cartoon while you are waiting to see your doctor or waiting in an airport. You can draw while waiting for your food in a restaurant. All you need is some paper and a pen or pencil

The best thing about drawing cartoons is that there is no right or wrong cartoon character. You can make your figure whatever you want it to be. If you draw a character or figure that you don't like, just erase it and start over!

After some time as passed, you might find that you are good at drawing and want to do more with your skills. There are many jobs that are available to artists, such as drawing the pictures for kids books, illustrating a political cartoon in a magazine or newspaper or maybe even animating a movie or television show. Your only boundaries are the ones you put on yourself! - 29927

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Using Shapes to Learn How to Draw Animals

By Charlene Sim

Learning how to draw animals can be fun, as there are so many different types of animals out there. However, because of the high variety of animals in the world, being able to consistently draw different animals will pose a challenge, since they are all so different. While there are certainly groups of animals that have similar shapes and features, a good cross section of animals will still offer up a number of different challenges in terms of drawing them accurately. There are some drawing tutorials that offer tips on how to use shapes to draw different types of animals.

When you portray different animals with basic shapes, such as squares, triangles, rectangles, or dots, that are all arranged in varying ways to create components and features of the body, then you will have less difficulty sketching. This can be great drawing practice, even though it may seem a bit juvenile, because it provides you with an easy approach to putting together various sections of assorted animals. After some practice, you'll come to understand the shape of each animal that you draw, and how each section is assembled.

Using shapes when sketching animals won't create true images, however it will provide you with an outcome not unlike animation characters or cartoons. If this is your field of interest, then that is all that you require. Ed Emberley, a distinguished artist, has written several books that explain many different ways to draw familiar animals utilizing only a few different shapes. His books are essentially aimed at drawing for kids, but they can help out a serious novice to gain a structural comprehension of drawing.

Using shapes to draw animals is just the start of a process of learning how to draw. As cute as some of the images may be, it is really more an exercise in learning how to make use of structure to improve your overall drawing ability. Once you have created an animal with only shapes, you should then look at erasing some of the straight lines and create more curves and an even flow from one part to another. Drawing people would be your next step, yet before doing that you will need to eliminate the forced aspect of creating pictures with shapes.

So if you want to draw animals but don't have any inherited skills, then a good way to learn how to draw is by starting with shapes. Look at different animals and decide how you want to put them together using only a stock supply of shapes. Once you've mastered that particular technique, you can use the skills you've developed to more comfortably take the next step. If you're serious about wanting to learn to draw and paint, then this is an easy and fun way to begin. - 29927

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Cartoon Me - Learn To Draw A Cartoon Me Avatar Face In Minutes!

By Carmeline Calvistacro

One of the biggest challenges for even the most talented artists is learning how to draw a cartoon me avatar face quickly and accurately. First you need to choose the person you want to draw. Second you need to determine what kind of tools and colors you will use to draw the person.

Most people learn to draw in grade school using crayons and markers. Very few people progress to real art tools and pencils. The few who do go onto become great artists. Great artists are made and not born. It is a skill developed over time with a few notable exceptions.

Drawing a cartoon me avatar face is not at all easy. Even seasoned artists sometimes have difficulty perfecting their artwork. This takes years of practice and tons of patience to be able to do this consistently.

One of the best ways to draw a cartoon me avatar face is by using real paint. Although this is kind of expensive and sometimes creates a huge mess. Just make sure you clean up thoroughly.

Drawing with a colored pencil creates sharper and more detailed images than with crayons. You do not need to spend a lot of money on colored pencils because they are literally a dime a dozen sometimes.

Using colored chalk on the sidewalk is a wonderful way for a kid to draw a cartoon me face. This is very safe and washable. However, if you want your drawing to last, you should probably use traditional methods.

Using spray paint is not a good idea when drawing unless you have permission. You could face a big fine and this is commonly called graffiti in most cities although some people consider it art.

If you really want to learn how to draw professional type cartoon me face avatars you should definitely go to an art institute. The classes at the community colleges are just for beginners and are nowhere near as in depth or advanced. - 29927

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The Creative Mind Of Denise Biondo

By Kerisha Collins

In the city of Buffalo, Western New York lives the freelance creative designer Denise Biondo. Continually striving to always be the best at what she does, Denise has been able to broaden her creative skill-set beyond her wildest dreams.

Denise has grown to become a master in flash, web, and graphic design. The combination of these skills has enabled her to bring in more work commissions and command a greater fee because of the all-round package she is able to deliver. But the knock on effect is that her customers find they can significantly increase their revenues because of the product Denise has provided them with.

The style in which Denise Biondo has prospered over the years keeps everything simple, yet very eye catching. Using very few colours, but used in such an artistic and powerful manner, the quality of her work is astonishing.

Denise Biondo is a very easy going, imaginative individual and her love for exploring other cultures shows in her work. She enjoys travelling or simply spending time in various museums studying antiques. It is clear to see where she gets her inspiration. Living in a modern and fast moving society, her unflustered approach sets her apart from the rest. Where many look to the future for inspiration, she has always looked to the past.

Design was not the first career choice for Denise, but this never stopped it from being one of her favourite pastimes whilst she lived in San Francisco. As time went on, how could she give up the very thing that she loved doing most, Instead, Denise made a stand and decided that design was going to be her life, and set out to learn all she could, and be the best at what she loves.

Denise's character is what sets her apart amongst many in the industry, not being afraid to incorporate her own personality and interest from her personal life into what she does for a living. This enables her work to remain fresh, and having faith in her own stylised art form keeps her from conforming to contemporary artists of this modern age.

Having the full skill-set of web and graphic design, as well as flash animation, Denise Biondo is an artist of great versatility. Take some time to check out her portfolio to fully appreciate her talents. - 29927

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Create Cartoon Me Face

By Carmeline Calvistacro

I always wanted to be able to draw a cartoon me face from a photograph. One of the reasons it is tricky to draw a cartoon me face is that it takes years of practice. I can trace and draw simple cartoons, but to draw a cartoon from just taking a look at a photograph is a lot more difficult

Drawing a caricature sometimes looks silly, but it it takes lots of work and skill to draw a carton me face of someone by just looking at a photo. When I use to draw cartoons in the beginning, some of them just ended up looking silly without me trying too hard.

To draw a cartoon use crayons and markers and just start brainstorming. Sometimes I will just blend and mix colors regardless of the pattern. I have drawn a cartoon me face of my brother and parents and they both thought it was funny.

Drawing a cartoon me face of someone is still my biggest challenge after years of training and several art classes. I sometimes get frustrated drawing someones eyes because they are the most difficult to draw and can take hours of practice.

You can add lots of colors to your drawings to make them come alive. Drawing women and their eyes is much more difficult than drawing men. I like to draw a cartoon me face of men and then add a beard and mustache. They are easy to draw and really improve the definition of the cartoons features.

If you need to learn how to draw a cartoon me face you should consider taking an art class. These classes will teach you step-by-step ways to make your drawings look more real and lifelike.

Taking an art class is not expensive if you go to a community college rather than an art institute. Nowadays you can create a cartoon me face quickly by using drawing computer programs that you can download for free off the internet. It is easy to find all sorts of these programs online and they are free for the most part.

Drawing cartoons takes a lot of time and patience although it is still very entertaining. One of the most challenging things will always be to draw a cartoon me face by just looking at a photo.

Creating a cartoon me face of someone from a photograph makes a great gift and is sure to make all of your friends and family laugh. Just practice for a few hours and you will be drawing cartoon me avatars of yourself and everyone you know. - 29927

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Factors to Account For When Designing a Floor Plan

By Adriana Noton

Any home building project will requires careful thought and planning, especially when designing a floor plan. The biggest task when designing a floor plan is the actual planning of the architectural drawings. It may seem challenging, however, designing a floor is not as difficult as it may seem. There are a number of factors that have to be taken into account when you design a floor plan.

The following are factors to consider when designing a floor plan:

1. One essential factor to take into account when planning your floor design plan is you have to consider your budget. Will you be getting a loan? If so, how much can you afford? If you are working on a tight budget, you may have to adjust your budget. As well, make sure you can afford the monthly payments and consider any other parts of the project that will require funding.

2. You also have to take the location of the house into consideration when designing a floor plan as it may affect the design that you choose. Consider the shape of the house, the size of the house (square footage), the number of rooms in the house, and whether an open floor plan or segmented plan would be the best choice. The type of floor plan will often depend on where the various rooms are located. For instance, are the dining room, kitchen, and living room one big area or are they separate rooms?

3. You must also consider environmental elements that can affect your floor design such as if you want the rooms facing the open sun or in front of a tree for shade. It is important to remember that the sun heats the room on cold days, and a big overhang above the windows will provide shade from the sun when it is at its highest point of the day. The directions, such as the south side and north side, where the sun will be better for a specific room, such as the living room, are an important consideration. It is also important to factor in the sound. For instance, bedrooms should be located where there is less traffic and noise so sleep will not be disrupted.

4. You also have to factor in such features as where to place certain rooms such as putting bathrooms close together to avoid expensive plumbing installation costs. As well, consider where closets will be located, and if you put in a den or office room, you may want a quiet location so that you can work uninterrupted.

When considering the factors that affect the design of a floor plan, it is important consider the function the room (entertaining, working, sleeping), cost, your needs and your family needs, traffic habits, comfort features, source of light, safety, wiring, plumbing, ventilation, dcor of the room, furnishings, and arrangement and size of the furniture. Once you have taken all of these factors into account, you will be able to create a great floor design that will meet your needs for many years. - 29927

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Learning How To Draw Using The Grid Method

By Charles Chapman

When you are learning how to draw or paint, the most common mistake is to jump right into free hand drawing like the professionals do. The problem with this technique is that you have no general skills that you may free hand from, so it is suggested to begin with the grid method to create your images, before progressing to the harder types of drawing or painting (such as free hand). The grid method will give you a step by step method to get accurate and proportional lines, shapes, and images that you will later use to develop your own personal style.

Another advantage of using the grid method is that you can easily take a small picture, and then turn it into a large painting or drawing. The grid method allows you to sector and divide the image, and then recreate each segment until you have a massive masterpiece that comes together like a jigsaw puzzle.

The grid method is done using a ruler and creating a grid of equal squares that is placed over a reference picture or photo. The squares in the grid can be any size such as one half inch or one inch. Now draw another grid on your painting surface. The grid on the painting surface can be the same size as on the reference photo or it can be larger or even smaller. It just depends on how large or small you want the painting to be.

Lets say that you are working with a photo or picture that you cant draw lines directly on. An excellent way to still be able to use a grid would be to draw the grid on a transparency or having a transparency or overlay made. You will be able to use it over and over again. Just make sure that you tape the photo on a piece of paper, then tape the transparent grid on top of the photo. This way, your lines won't move. Lightly draw with a pencil, a grid on your painting surface. Keep these lines light because you will be erasing them when your drawing is complete.

So there you have it, once your grid has been finished, it's time to draw or paint your final image. Work one square at a time and you'll do just fine, and work methodically from left to right, or right to left, that's up to you.

You have now taken a complex subject and literally broken it down into manageable pieces. Have fun and don't be afraid of drawing because with the grid method, drawing is made easy. - 29927

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